I hate grass.

I love BRUNEI!
August 5, 2008, 6:01 am
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Okay,I do love Brunei but not as much.I just needed a title for this post.=)hehe..So,I’ve been going crazy because of school work and exams.Been studying.=)This post wont be very long because I have simply nothing to write about.It wasn’t such a great day today.I’ve had better,but its nice to be at home.Relaxing and just reading a good book.I’m currently stuck on the book “Size twelve is not fat”.Its a pretty nice book.

I lazy.I’m going to read.=)



Mean fishy!
June 25, 2008, 3:02 am
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My sister.Well,adopted sister.

Meet my “sister”,who is called a boy because my dad dosen’t want to have another girl in the family.He’s in deep denial.He believes this fish is a boy.Well,he just really wants a boy in the family.Of all things,a fish.As fish who actually hates me.He stared me down I tell you.He or rather she doesn’t stare Michelle down,or my mum or mum dad.He wants to EAT ME!Doesn’t he or she have a brain to think I can’t fit in the fish tank and I can’t fit in his mouth?

Its always swims after me when I go to my room..My only option to solve this…


I hate but love you “sister/brother”

Lotsa love and angry faces,


Slow me down..

I want a brother.
June 24, 2008, 12:30 pm
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Well,yes.I do want a brother.A younger brother that is.My life would be much funner.Trust me.Dont get me wrong,I still do have fun times with the “older” one,but I wonder how it would feel like to be the older one.Well,the middle child that is.I want that responsibility.The responsibility to take care of my younger brother.Somehow,the middle child and the younger child are usually the close ones.I want that!Mom?Dad? up for..adoption?e-bay?

I never wanted a younger brother so badly.Just thinking about it makes it funner.Haha..not the fact that I have absolute power over him and he has to do everything I say.Hahaha..I want one!A brother who has my blood.Who is like..ME!?Why can’t they have websites like…’rent a brother.com’or’buy a brother.com’? Okay,I should stop now.I have soo many crazy ideas you dont want to hear.

Busy busy busy!All I can say right now is that,I wake up at six and study till twelve.I’m done with commerce and I’m starting computer.Which I dont find really hard but I hate explaining the terms and the formula’s and everything.I’m tired.I dont have enough sleep.Ashley!!!!Reply my e-mail!Gosh,I miss her.I MISS YOU WOMAN!Where have you been?So,I am not very happy today.Well,I try to be atleast.I try okay.I try.I try to be little miss sunshine but how can you be little miss sunshine when you have sooo much things to do?Worry is my middle name.I worry alot.

I like worrying!Makes me feel..umm…busy.Makes me feel that I have to think about something and I have to do something.I dont like sitting around the house bumming and sleeping.I like doing stuff.Just that no one ever wants to join me.I would walk to town..but I will die while crossing the roads.Trust me.When I cross the roads this always pops in my head “Dont look,just walk”.So I’m use to that.

I would play my video games but I dont like waiting for it to load.IM JUST SOOO JOBLESS YET SO BUSY!

Lots of love and angry faces,


Love me tender.