I hate grass.

Good conversations.
June 24, 2008, 2:13 am
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I have good conversations with good people.Msn comes in handy sometimes.:)I talked to Michelle,Jia Chyi and Tubbie yesterday.Full of laughther no?Haha..Oh and I talked to John too.He seems pretty excited about the beach thing.Hahaha..I might be going,well hopefully that is.So parents are leaving for Singapore soon.Going to be gone for 3 weeks or more,depends,and I dont feel even abit of sunshine.Well,of course,they’re my parents and I would miss them.

Chemo is not as easy.Its not like…Needle+Medicine+In skins=chemo!I think she has to do radiotherapy.I’m not so sure.Sigh,back to step one again.So to be on the brighter side..umm..actually,I dont want to be on the brighter side today.Maybe I should go back to thinking and reading.Makes me feel better.:)My own world.Full of my people.Hehehe..*emilypamilies*.I’m wondering whether they sell migget people on E-bay.Hmm..I’ll have to look into that.;)

So,I have to study and I’m going to study.Holidays aren’ts holidays for me.Oh snap!I forgot,I can’t go this Friday..I have things to do and I have tuition.:)What an awesome holiday!-.-”

I am soooooo HAPPY!!!!!

Lots of love and angry faces,


Waaaaa?!!!Tubbies Fav line..:)