I hate grass.

Do you hear me?
August 17, 2008, 12:57 am
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So,my mocks are in about…2 more days!!!I’m not stressed out.I can do well.;)*fingers crossed*I’m going to Singapore in about one more week?So,thats okay.=)My throat,still hurts.Its getting worst.-.-” and of all things,my ENGLISH ORALS are tomorrow.I’ve been through it but,I’m worried that they can’t hear me or I’ll cough like mad there like I’m doing now.=(Damn shower.BASKETBALL TODAY!I didn’t go to church today.I was sick.Oh,and after the soar throat,I had flu and now I have flu and I’m feeling abit feverish nowadays.-.-”I’m planning to work all the stress on the court today.

My dad’s childhood friend came and stayed with us for the weekend and he’s leaving today..=(Aww man..He’s soo nice..I remember him when I was younger with his wife and two boys who we’d play with everytime and laugh like mad.=)I miss those days.Its just so nice to see childhoos friends.=)Its always nice to laugh about the things that happened and all.I can’t wait to see Ashley.=)So,this whole week has been really good for me.God’s been teaching and showing me things which taught me alot.He’s taught me how to take a problem as a challenge and how we can overcome it in so many ways.I’m excited what he’ll show me in Singapore.I have a feeling I’m not going there for fun and seeing my mum only but I can sense that God’s wanting to speak to me there too.=)I can’t wait!

Today was a good break,I got to sleep in.I’m sorry guys for not going to church.I’m just so tired and sick and my only chance to sleep in is a Sunday.When I’m more healthy I’ll come back.Dont worry!I’m having my time with God at home too.^.^So,Uncle David(my dads childhood friend) gave us a bag of chocolates(THANKS SO MUCH!)Its just what I need,chocolates to keep me understressed.=)We had a bbq yesterday at my Uncle’s house.Awesome food!=)Oh,and steak tonight at his place!Woots!I must play basketball today!Work off some of the fats.=pBefore I gain more.=)hehehe..I’m going out wo breakfast soon with my dad and my grandmummy!=)Woots!I have some explaining to do later.Why?Well,because I didn’t go to church today,and she’s going to ask me.-.-”I want to eat toast!=)I dont feel like eating noodles or rice,my throat needs bread.Which I have to suck on.-.-”

Oh,and I’m currently stuck on this song by Jason Mraz.Nicee..=)I’m always tempted to move back to blogger but I like wordpress.I wont move this time!Wuahahaha!Oh,they have happy tree friends fall out boys.AAHAHAHA!Dum peca masalah!Haha.Its from a song by the way,SING WITH ME DUM PECA MASALAH!!!!haha..okay..I should stop now.Thats all from me.Have a blessed week everyone=)Woots!