I hate grass.

Mean fishy!
June 25, 2008, 3:02 am
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My sister.Well,adopted sister.

Meet my “sister”,who is called a boy because my dad dosen’t want to have another girl in the family.He’s in deep denial.He believes this fish is a boy.Well,he just really wants a boy in the family.Of all things,a fish.As fish who actually hates me.He stared me down I tell you.He or rather she doesn’t stare Michelle down,or my mum or mum dad.He wants to EAT ME!Doesn’t he or she have a brain to think I can’t fit in the fish tank and I can’t fit in his mouth?

Its always swims after me when I go to my room..My only option to solve this…


I hate but love you “sister/brother”

Lotsa love and angry faces,


Slow me down..