I hate grass.

Do you hear me?
August 17, 2008, 12:57 am
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So,my mocks are in about…2 more days!!!I’m not stressed out.I can do well.;)*fingers crossed*I’m going to Singapore in about one more week?So,thats okay.=)My throat,still hurts.Its getting worst.-.-” and of all things,my ENGLISH ORALS are tomorrow.I’ve been through it but,I’m worried that they can’t hear me or I’ll cough like mad there like I’m doing now.=(Damn shower.BASKETBALL TODAY!I didn’t go to church today.I was sick.Oh,and after the soar throat,I had flu and now I have flu and I’m feeling abit feverish nowadays.-.-”I’m planning to work all the stress on the court today.

My dad’s childhood friend came and stayed with us for the weekend and he’s leaving today..=(Aww man..He’s soo nice..I remember him when I was younger with his wife and two boys who we’d play with everytime and laugh like mad.=)I miss those days.Its just so nice to see childhoos friends.=)Its always nice to laugh about the things that happened and all.I can’t wait to see Ashley.=)So,this whole week has been really good for me.God’s been teaching and showing me things which taught me alot.He’s taught me how to take a problem as a challenge and how we can overcome it in so many ways.I’m excited what he’ll show me in Singapore.I have a feeling I’m not going there for fun and seeing my mum only but I can sense that God’s wanting to speak to me there too.=)I can’t wait!

Today was a good break,I got to sleep in.I’m sorry guys for not going to church.I’m just so tired and sick and my only chance to sleep in is a Sunday.When I’m more healthy I’ll come back.Dont worry!I’m having my time with God at home too.^.^So,Uncle David(my dads childhood friend) gave us a bag of chocolates(THANKS SO MUCH!)Its just what I need,chocolates to keep me understressed.=)We had a bbq yesterday at my Uncle’s house.Awesome food!=)Oh,and steak tonight at his place!Woots!I must play basketball today!Work off some of the fats.=pBefore I gain more.=)hehehe..I’m going out wo breakfast soon with my dad and my grandmummy!=)Woots!I have some explaining to do later.Why?Well,because I didn’t go to church today,and she’s going to ask me.-.-”I want to eat toast!=)I dont feel like eating noodles or rice,my throat needs bread.Which I have to suck on.-.-”

Oh,and I’m currently stuck on this song by Jason Mraz.Nicee..=)I’m always tempted to move back to blogger but I like wordpress.I wont move this time!Wuahahaha!Oh,they have happy tree friends fall out boys.AAHAHAHA!Dum peca masalah!Haha.Its from a song by the way,SING WITH ME DUM PECA MASALAH!!!!haha..okay..I should stop now.Thats all from me.Have a blessed week everyone=)Woots!


Bringing home a silver.
July 15, 2008, 2:01 am
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So,finals were yesterday afternoon and Danson won second place.I was expecting us to win first place but thats okay!It was fun and I did get to play alot and my team was just great.We did have the communication but I guess the other team had a strong defense,but it was okay.Good experience.=)I enjoyed the sweat and the hot sun and the screaming and running around.=)Hehe..I was reading this short sentence yesterday after our match.Umm..its said “The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.The essential thing is not to have won but to have fought well.”

After reading that,I was happy I won second place eventhough I didn’t expect it but we did fight for the gold we worked hard and practiced hard.Life’s not about wining and sometimes losing is just a bigger step for us.So…I can’t wait for next years interhouse basketball match.=)hehehe..Excited much.


July 11, 2008, 8:16 am
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Such a boring day.My Fridays are never like this but..I dont know what happened today.=)Anyways,we didn’t have any interhouse bla bla or sort.Its tomorrow.Good thing I msg and asked whether we had any today.So,tomorrow after school.Gosh,I’m not that scared but I’m not prepared.Haven’t practiced in sooo long..Man…scary..Anyways,so interhouse tomorrow!WOO!!!Danson’s gonna win..Hehehe…I will follow under my uncles footsteps!=)Basketball lovers.

So,AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!Will update on who won…Finals with be next week I think..Well,hopefully we win this year.Hahahahaa!



Family dinner korean style.
June 30, 2008, 10:47 am
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School started today and It wasn’t so bad.It doesn’t make any difference anyways,I woke up at 7 every morning during holidays not to eat,not to play but to study.So,I dont think waking up early is such a struggle for me.Anyways,yesterday my family and I went to a korean restaurant to our dinner just before my mum and dad leaves for Singapore soon.It was good.It was so korean.There were real korean people working there.We got a taste of what korean restaurants would be like.Good food.The setting is exactly like the picture.We sat on a floor with the small table and in the middle our frying thing,to fry our food.

It was a good experience.My mum always wanted to eat there so…she did!:)After that,we went to Dream Cones and ate ice-cream and nachos.It was a good family dinner.I have alot of pictures I want to post up but I’m lazy today.-.-“I would post them up tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.I’m happy!Well,I think I’m happy..=)I like smiling.Makes me feel very good.I¬†want to bake again.Hmm..maybe I should try baking like umm..chocolate fudge cake.:)I dont know why,but I like working with chocolate.Or maybe che can teach me how to make eclairs(sp?)hahaha!

Lots of love and smiley faces,