I hate grass.

After camp.

All I can actually say about youth camp is..AMAZING!Its is amazing and was amazing and will always be amazing.I really appreciate my team.We make a funny bunch of people,from different background and personalities.We just some how clicked in a way.I had doubts about us and all when I first saw our team but in the ending we related to each other.Very easy I tell you to get along with my team.Very funny people.Just thinking about the silly things we did at camp makes me laugh out loud I tell you.

The discussions and devotions with the girls was very good.We were very open.It was good.Listening to everyones problems and their fears.It was good to hear from them.Haha..eventhough there were some very lame jokes here and there.It was funny!hahahah!!Char siew pau ;)!haha..So silly.I wish I didn’t do that.Tubbie!Haha..Its been great laughing with them.I can’t remember the last time I laughed sooo hard.:)

Worship was awesome.Our worship team was really good.:)The night and morning sessions were good.The ministry time was really good.It was so heart warming just to see people be at that moment with God.It was a good break to just block out all the things out there and just be there and just focus on God.I am very sure that God touched us all in different ways.I learned alot from camp.Things were not so rushed in this camp.We relaxed and we just took time to listen to God.It was such an awesome feeling to be at his presence.:):):):)

Man..I’m missing camp.So,new lives and a new journey.Up for another round anyone?Haha.Man, I wish I could go for another round of camp but I’m just to tired.haha!But there is always next year yes?Haha!Okay,so I’m not going to give alot of details.Want to know more?Come to youth camp.:)Hehehe..Youth camps great.

I’m missing it already.



Wesley,Shining,Jason,Jordine,John,Jia Chyi,Tubbie,Michelle,Isaac,Jessica,Barry and Emily.

Team one.:)