I hate grass.

June 25, 2008, 10:58 am
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I just came back from Piano lessons..But before that,I went out to lunch.It was great!The food was good.We ate at this Hong Kong place near Fun Donuts.Hahaha..the mint thingy with sprite and aloe vera was good.Wasn’t expecting it to be nice but then..It tasted pretty good.I wouldn’t mind going back there again.Haha..expensive though..Worth going!;)So when is our next one?Hahaha!The french toast thingy was SUPERRR GOOD!!I felt soooooo horrible after eating it but its soooooooooooo good!Its a must eat thing there.Trust me!Hahaha!Peanut butter with butter and syrup.How fat is that?Hahaha..Worth eating.Its worth going out to lunch with the people you love.Hahaha!

It was a good lunch!Thank you!I enjoyed it soooo much!Hahahaha!I’ll plan the next one!Hahah movie?Lunch?Dinner?:)So…I know who the owner of fun donuts is!He use to study in Chung Hwa with me,but he was about 3 years older.My senior..Haha!The wonder he looked so familiar.Haha!I went to shop after lunch before piano and we bought sour skittles.I didn’t know they had sour skittles.I haven’t tried them yet.I’m scared to try them..Haha!

Soo….I will blog tomorrow!Hopefully!

Lotsa love and angry faces,


lunch was great..:)<3


Mean fishy!
June 25, 2008, 3:02 am
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My sister.Well,adopted sister.

Meet my “sister”,who is called a boy because my dad dosen’t want to have another girl in the family.He’s in deep denial.He believes this fish is a boy.Well,he just really wants a boy in the family.Of all things,a fish.As fish who actually hates me.He stared me down I tell you.He or rather she doesn’t stare Michelle down,or my mum or mum dad.He wants to EAT ME!Doesn’t he or she have a brain to think I can’t fit in the fish tank and I can’t fit in his mouth?

Its always swims after me when I go to my room..My only option to solve this…


I hate but love you “sister/brother”

Lotsa love and angry faces,


Slow me down..