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July 8, 2008, 1:02 pm
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Okay,so I finally got to watch this movie.Eventhough I read the book already I just wanted to watch it.I found the movie okay.Just okay.I mean its a typical love story but a little bit different.It was a good movie.I did cry because it was so sweet.I want to go to Ireland and meet musicians.;) I dont think my dad would enjoy it.Too girly for him.=)

So,I went out to dinner with the family on Sunday for my cousins birthday.It was good.We ate at Thiam Hok(sp?)I liked the fish head curry.=)I bought a rubik’s cube.I dont play it much.I just like the fact that I have one.I can only do one side.-.-”I haven’t checked out Zen Spa yet.Hmm,should go there with Tubbie,Len and Carol since we are all under stress.I haven’t talked to anyone on Msn in soooo long.Besides Carol and Tubbie.Funny three,where are you?

Oh!I want to bake another cake!Chocolate marshmellow with white chocolate!Overdose of chocolate!!!Muahaha!Not good for tummy but..its chocolate!I miss Godmums red date cake with hot caramel.Yumm!=)Now that Anands gone…I will take over!As the new Anand!I shall enjoy hot nice cakes and a good talk with God mummy and Che.=)

I’m satisfied with blogging today.=) hehehe.. I will take over the world with my Emily Pamilies.One day.Hehehehe.I wonder whether they sell them on Ebay?Little miggets for sale!Hehehe!I steal them.Oh the good feeling of evil.Ashley,*smacks head with pillow* evil Emily’s back!=)

Losta evil faces and love,


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