I hate grass.

July 29, 2008, 2:38 am
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So,dad’s coming home this week!Oh man,I cant wait to see him.=)Should go out to dinner with him.Hmm..to just talk about the trip.I will miss my Aunty Nonah.hehe..and our fun.I can’t wait till my mocks are over.Eventhough I wont be in Brunei.=)ehehe..Bye bye Brunei,for about…1 week?SINGAPORE!Sorry,I couldn’t help but typing that out.=)I can’t wait to see my mum.=)

So,I have dinner at my aunts place tonight.Can’t wait to see Nathan(Big boy already!).I love drawing on my hand but people warn me because you’ll get skin cancer bla bla bla.I dont really care whether I get skin cancer.-.-”Its just drawing on you’re hand.Hehe..It seems like the things I draw on my hand look better than the things I draw on paper.I miss food.Like proper food.I miss my grandmothers cooking.I’m coming over apo!=)hahaha..I miss smiling and laughing.Haven’t been doing both for a long time.

I’m a sucker for nice love songs from very dark movies.hahaha..random much.