I hate grass.

July 13, 2008, 6:50 am
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I found this picture soooo cute!Hahahah..Brain storm!Hehehe..So funny.Anyways,there is alot of things coming up and stuff..Umm..like olympics day with the kids and we have alot of things to prepare.Meetings and such.I like being busy.Lots of things to do..I like work,but I can be lazy.Parents leaving Singapore tomorrow and it feels not right.Well obviously.I wont see my parents when I come home from school and other stuff.At least my aunts staying with us,so thats okay.

Oh one thing,IT IS NOT FUN WITHOUT PARENTS AT HOME.Trust me.It is not at all fun without your parents.You actually can’t do alot of things.Well,its sure going to be different.I know what I’m doing.I know what I have to do so..everything will be okay.=)I hope everything going to be okay.I went shopping yesterday.I bought soap for washing dishes.I’m addicted to the soap I tell you.I loveeeeeee washing plates and cups and anything you name it.Hehehe!I’m serious!=)Oh and I bought lovely gifts for people.I like buying gifts for people.=)

Latest movie I watched..umm…The water horse movie.Well,also known as the lochness monster but they want to make it sound more magical and nicer.=)I liked it.Alot.Made me want one.Hahaha!Impossible but I wonder whether they are true..Hmm..water horses..Will look that up.=)So,final basketball match is tomorrow and I’m ready..Well,not really but its tomorrow!So fast!=)Hehehe!You could come if u want.=)Support my team!=)hehehehe!Anyways,its at three I think.Yea three.

I’m tired and I’m watching the olympic stories thingy so..bye!!!



July 12, 2008, 3:10 pm
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So bloody hot today.Bad day to play bball.Anyways,we won!!!!We won 38 to 5..Man..We trashed them..


Shopping for b’day pressie.


Hope you’ll be surprised!