I hate grass.

July 26, 2008, 6:46 am
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Hello!I haven’t posted a proper post..Haha..I’ve just been soooo busy lately.Time goes by so fast!Its like August soon?In like a weeks time.I’ve been so caught up with stuff.No time for blogging.hehe..But I managed to find some time.I’ve been busy with studying and tution and painting¬†a banner and making a surprise!=)hehehe..for Tubbie.Hehehe!I’m just do exhausted.To exhausted to move and think and just breath.

I wish I could sleep forever.Okay,not die but you know,sleep till you’re satisfied and wake up and so whatever work you have to do.I want to be lazy.I need to SLEEP but I’ll post this first and then sleep.Maybe I should make this a long one..=)ehehe..so I wont have to like keep on posting.Oh,I’m getting a free trip!Hahahahaha!So happy..(Jud,dream come true)Hahahaa!=)I can’t wait..=)I can’t wait till like..I dont know..I DONT KNOWWWWWW!!!I’m just so excited!I dont know why.hahahaha!I bought a new dress today..Hahaha..For someone’s special say on Sunday!heheheheeh!I wish Ash was here.NO WORRIES I’M FLYING OVERRRRRR!!Woots!

Anyway,I’m to tired to post anything so..BYE!=)