I hate grass.

Whats the problem?
August 22, 2008, 6:31 am
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Helloooo!=)I feel like blogging so I shall blog!My cousin went for an operation today..-.-”Her backbones not..straight?I think thats why she has to go.=)So,I go see her tonight!Egh…hospitals…-.-”So,I’ve been reading alot about the fraud and all.I actually had nothing to say.Not in a bad way or anything.Its just think that  I should keep quiet.Haha..I bet alot of people are going to post about this.I’m still touched by the song and still get goose bumps when I see the DVD.=)The songs still powerful and still is going to be.It touched many and is going to touch even more!I believe that.=)

So,changing of subject now.*ahem* I’M STILL SICK!!!And my malay orals are tomorrow.Darn it.-.-”I ate my jellybeans.They tasted great,but they also taste so artificial.Egh.so much colouring,but anyways,I enjoyed every bit of it!=)Haha..7 more days!Woots!I need to study!=)

I love my pink pillow!



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