I hate grass.

August 9, 2008, 1:42 pm
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I wont post everything about the dinner at excapade.Haha..and not all pictures will be posted here..Privacy.;) But anyways,I’ll post the really funny ones.=)Dinner was good there.I ate the peas thingy with the skin.-.-”It did not kill me.=)It was fun!Lots of laughter.I’ll remember room three in Excapade.=pHahaha..So,here we go!=)I’ll explain them,dont worry.=)

Advertising Len’s shoe.=)Silly!

This was suppose to look good.-.-”

Farting in his face.See those green thingys?The peas.Egh.

HahahaSee..always the spoiler..=p

The mute,blind and deaf are always welcome to Excapade.=p

Tubbie and I!!Wahahaha!I like this one.The most decent one.=p

Hello!I’m Phil!Want tea?=p

Hahaha!Boys and camera’s.-.-”

I like this one!=)Haha..Dont look in front look at the back.=p


So,I hope that would satisfy everyone.=)Singapore in two weeks and three days.=)Hehehe..I can’t wait?Thats all from me..Its kinda late..=)Bye!




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