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Being different makes no difference.
July 6, 2008, 6:09 am
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Charles Evans Hughes
When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free.

So,I was looking through good old deviant art and I found this picture.I really like it.It says be different.I was just thinking about what to post,and I thought I would like to post about this.I was just thinking about it like a few minutes ago and I read this quote a few minutes ago too and I thought about it and,its really true.I really agree on what he said.Its true that we lose our privilage to be free.How we try to ”fit in” that we forget who we are and what makes us special.I’ve been through the whole “fitting in” thing.

I tried and I completely forgot who I was.I was just trying to be someones Emily but not my own Emily.If you get what I mean.I did struggle through it and I just got so tired of trying to be someone else.It didn’t make me feel free.I didn’t make me comfortable and it didn’t make me,me.Sometimes,being different the way you are is a good thing.It makes you outstanding.Makes you look more like you.You dont have to be cool or funny or serious to fit in anywhere.You shouldn’t be someone else but you should be you.

I like hanging out with different people.Peoples differences makes people closer.Being different is a fantastic thing.Different people make the world more fun and colourful.It does say in the Bible how God made us in his own image.To me,thats the most greatest thing ever!I mean God took his time to create you and me in his own image.He didn’t steal it from famous artists,he didn’t steal it from deviant art,He created you and me in his OWN image and it is the best thing to know that God took time to create us.So,it makes no difference.He made us all the same.He loves us all the same.Theres no better and theres no worst.

You dont have to know alot of things to be cool.You dont have to follow someone else because you are already that someone else.You dont have to be pretty,thin,fat and whatever to be beautiful.You dont have to be rich or poor.You are what you think you are.I think everyone’s special and beautiful and cool and lame and funny and weird and whatever,but thats whats makes you,you!I think being you is most important.There might be people who dont really like you but thing is WHO CARES?!Who the heck cares what people think you and I are?I really wished I could shout who cares right now but I dont think my mum would like to wake up right now.=)

So,be different,because being different just makes people,people.It makes us,us.Eventhough we are not perfect,it doesn’t matter because God doesn’t care whether we’re perfect or not.Be special.Be you.

Losta different faces and love,


Being different is no difference.

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Very nicely written… 🙂

Different is cool 🙂

Comment by sarah

=) Dare to be different! 😉

We are individuals in the Lord and we were made in His image.


Comment by shaRonz

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