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Prince Caspian.
June 9, 2008, 12:58 am
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So,I watched the movie!I’ve actually learned so much from the movie.I think C.S Lewis is a great writer and he’s movies have meaning.We just have to read between the lines sometimes and I kept that in mind before I went for the movie because I promised myself that I wouldn’t come out of the cinema without learning something from that movie.I actually learned alot from that movie.So,before I could post anything and comment on anything about the movie,I did abit of research about C.S.Lewis and the story of Narnia:Prince Caspian.

Well,I didn’t get much information about what the whole movie actually meant but I got some information on C.S Lewis.It was said that he wasn’t a Christian at first but then his friend lead him to Christ.He was at first writing books,wanting to prove that God did not exist.Then his friend lead him to Christ and thats how Narnia was written.It was a lovely movie and I liked that movie,alot.It again reminded me of things and how we should trust God.I want to buy the book.

I guess the movie was mostly based on trusting God,because without him we can’t do anything on our own.Like the part where Lucy saw Aslan and the others didn’t .Then when the battle started she was asked to go to the place where she saw Aslan and she met him there and he protected her.Then she said “I knew you were here.”He replied”If you knew I was here,why didn’t you come for me earlier?”It sort of hit me,it’s like God,you know,when he’s there waiting for us,we just dont believe or we’re too scared to search for him.It was sort of like that.The movie was about temptation,teamwork,love,loyalty,being brave and etc.

I really enjoyed that movie and it was worth spending money on that movie.I would love to watch it again.:)I didn’t like the white witch part.The prince caspian was good looking by the way.haha..The ending was a bitter sweet ending.I wonder whether there will be a Narnia 3.Haha..I just hope it wont kill the story.I think this story was and is better than any movie I watched so far.I guess,because this movie has meaning

Ben Barnes(Prince Caspian)is a british!He does the whole french thing really nice though.I think this movie is  a worth going for movie.I liked it very much.Narnia:Prince Caspian is a fantastic movie and a must watch movie of the year.



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