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Getting reminded through small things.
June 8, 2008, 5:38 am
Filed under: movies

So,I acutally wanted to post this post yesterday night after watching Narnia 1,but it was pretty late to be going on the internet.Um..yesterday as I already said,I wacthed Narnia 1.It was exciting I guess.I only watched it once in the cinema with my family.Narnia overall is one of one the best movies I’ve wacthed in my life so far.I love how fantasy meets reality sort of in Narnia.The movie actully,to me,has alot of meaning.I guess is sort of reminds me of God.You know,Aslan being like God.Sacrificing for Edmond and it represents us in a way.Aslan reminded me of God well,mostly because he was humble and not afriad and wise.

It sort of touched me when he has a meeting with the witch because she wanted Edmond back or something and she wanted to kill him.After the meeting with Aslan and the witch,I think she asked him how would she know he promises on what he promised.He roared and just silenced the witch with all the confidence and he showed no fear.He knew what he was doing.He was going to die and he knew it.He wasn’t ashamed and afraid.Eventhough how painful.

The part which I never want to wacth when I watch Narnia is the part where he get sacrificed because of Edmonds sin.It was like God dying for our sins.I remembered the witch whispering to Aslan before she killed him umm…she said this “You are losing your life for him,but your lost your life and saved no one.So much for love.” Well,somehow that got me actually very angry.I was just looking at how she reacted after she killed him and she was overjoyed actually.They rejoiced over his death and I was just wondering and thinking to myself,Is that how Satan reacted after he died.Well,if he did I want to kick his red butt!

The witch was so cold.So,screw all those stupid scary mascots that I’ll be meeting tonight,because I’m going to watch Narnia:Prince Caspian and I’m going to come out from the cinema loving it.




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