I hate grass.

June 6, 2008, 6:40 am
Filed under: Scary!





Im terrified of balloons popping.Okay I am scared I always had did phobia with balloons since I was a kid.They scare me!Even in department stores when I got to the party sections,I get intimidated.I never liked the “Step on balloon game.”FREAKS ME OUT!It does hurt a little when they step on a balloon which is tied to your ankle.Eeeesshhh..scary.Thats where I developed my screams.From balloons.Oh plus clowns.Balloons+Clows=HORROR!I dont like those mascots either.They look so happy,I wonder whether they have an angry mascot.Hehe.That would be nice.I ecspecially dont like the Jolibee one’s..

So enough about clowns and balloons and mascots,they’re giving me goosebumps.I just came back from tuition like 20 minutes ago?It was fun,I guess.I saw Nick walking by my class!Teacher Nick.haha.Mum and Dad came home from Singapore on tuesday and they brought back alot of junk food.Talk about losing weight huh?Hehe..This Sunday is sports day!I dont know why but I’m excited!See my friends running and all.Seeing them suffer ecspecially!Hehe!Sunday…I might be going to watch “Prince Caspian”.I know,I know..Your only going to see it now!!??Thats what everyones tells me.Hopefully,it would be worth it.I just hope I don’t bump into any mascots from Jolibee.I should being a small tiny pocket knife to make sure it doesn’t come near me.

Now,I dont really feel like going to the movie.AHH!



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